Communion After Dark's Gofundme campaign

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The Communion After Dark team is constantly striving to improve our quality and sound so that we could bring the best possible show to our listeners! We are in need of some new equipment which will allow us to deliver a high quality podcast each week! We are trying to raise $2000 for the much needed studio equipment upgrade!

Spotlighting the latest and best in alternative electronic music since 2008, Communion After Dark is hosted every Monday by DJ Mark Paradise (The
Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Maus (Simply Synthpop) and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). 

We present the show -- featuring EBM, synth pop, dark electro, industrial, gothic / goth, power noise -- as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa, Fla. (Ybor City). The club ( has run continuously since 1997
and proudly stands as the premier place showcasing these genres in the United States.

Please support our cause, subscribe and catch us every week online! 
Shows are also available at,
YouTube and Mixcloud. In addition, it’s syndicated weekly on WFKU, Red Mercury and Love Leeds Radio.

Several special shows are featured each year too, which include guest DJs, interviews with bands and special themes such as covers, genre classics and Halloween.

Communion After Dark can be found in the iTunes store, where it’s a Top 200 Music Podcast and is frequently featured in the What’s Hot list.

We would be ever grateful for any support our friends and listeners could provide, and we look forward to bringing you more new music and great shows for next year!

Thank you!! ~ Paradise, Griffin, Maus