Communion After Dark reaches the Campaign goal!

With the help of many of our dedicated listeners we were able to reach and surpass our Campaign goal for new equipment. We would like to thank the following listeners for responding quickly and donating, and want to give special thanks to everyone who has donated in previous months and years!

Leslie Benson (The Sweetest Condition)
Stan Franklin
Martin McCaslin
Thomas Gibson
Tatiana Veine
Blake Ward
Lance Cooley
Rosemarie Martin
Nikole and Chris Ford
Raymond Cee II
Wietze Walsweer
Alan Huddleston
Bryan D
Adrianne DiTinno
Jon Cox
Clayton York
Anders Arstrand
Michael Uhrbrock
Shelley Wiley (Ravens & Rockers)
Sarah Shetina
Simon Carter
Alex Mazariegos
Mark Roberts
Duane Taylor
Jeff Black
Antonia Mey
Frank Sinisi
J Yatsky
Deborah Meysembourg
Rob Patton
..and all of our Anonymous donators!