Communion After Dark - October 21, 2013 Edition: "Refuse to drink this!"

This week Communion After Dark spins new music from VNV Nation, Solitary Experiments, State of the Union and more.

Model: Lilith Vampiriozah

Model: Lilith Vampiriozah


BAND...SONG....NAME OF RELEASE....RELEASE TYPE (album, single, etc.)… Label

DJ NAME: Paradise

01. Accessory - Squeeze My Heart – Resurrection on Out of Line

02. VNV Nation - Off Screen – Transnational on Anachrome Sounds

03. Solitary Experiments - Now or Never – Phenomena on Out of Line

04. Torul - Mad World (Rob Dust Mix) - The Fall ep on Infacted Recordings

05. Covenant - For Our Time - Leaving Babylon on Metropolis

DJ NAME: Griffin

06. Terminal State -  Andromeda - Illegal Space Activity on Electro Aggression Records

07. Ohm - Car Crash – Ohm on Art Of Fact Records

08. Cryo - The Portal - In Your Eyes EP on Progress Productions

09. Massiv In Mensch - Transformation IV (Feat. @vx and Mind.In.A.Box) - 

Hands On Massiv Vol.III on Advoxya Records

10. Vault 113 - Human Predator -  Cold Fusion on Future Fame 


11. Seelennacht - Gone with the Rain - Gone with the Rain EP on Future Fame

12. Endanger - Die Show Muss Weitergehen (TSP remix) - Larger than Life on Infacted

13. She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama - Berlidi Gece on Fabrika records

14. State of the Union - Dancing in the Dark - My Time Away on Infacted

LAST SONG 15. [Active] Media Disease - Lost - Organic on Interplay records (20


Communion After Dark - September 16, 2013 Edition: "Green thongs and Vodka"

This week Communion After Dark spins new music from Aesthetic Perfection, Pride and Fall, Kevorkian Death Cycle and more. Guest: DJ Christian of Taurant Services!

kawaii von tierisch.jpg

CAD PLAYLIST 16 Sept. 13

DJ Maus

01. Covenant - Thy Kingdom Come - Leaving Babylon

02. Nine Seconds - Homesick Robot - Poladroids

03. Blume - It's Your Turn - Autumn Ruins

04. Stok:Holm - Visions in Blue - City Lights

05. Aesthetic Perfection - The Dark Half (BITES Mix) - The Dark Half EP

DJ Paradise

06. Ludovico Technique - Dead Inside (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) - We Came to Wreck Everything

07. Inertia - Lies (S.O.P.H.I.E. Mix) - Lies EP

08. Pride and Fall - Turn the Lights On - Of Lust and Desire

09. Lia Organa & Electric Prince feat. Marc Massive - Dead Silence - Dead Silence EP

10. Sonik Foundry - Into The Storm (Ruined Conflict Shattered Mix) – Twisted Remixes

Guest DJ NAME: Taurent Services

11. Cryogenic Echelon - Fall of The Reptiles (Grendel Remix) - Taste of Failure Album

12. Machine Rox - Nice Corruption - Shout

13. Dead Hand Project - Before You Go - Control

14. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Childern of Chaos - God Am I

DJ Griffin

15. Vault 113 - Vampire Face - Cold Fusion

16. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way - Embrace The Silence

17. Nightmare City - Are You Ready To Die? - Retribution

18. Moon.74 - In The End - How I Feel

LAST SONG 19. C/A/T - Smashed (v2) - Music To Piss You Off


Communion After Dark - Jan 2, 2012 Edition: 'Faves of 2011' Part 2

Every Monday the music podcast Communion After Dark showcases the best in alternative electronic -- EBM, dark electro, synth pop, goth, power noise.

DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle) and DJ Maus offer the show as a companion to The Castle's weekly gothic dance nights in Ybor City (Tampa, FL). Running continuously since 1997, the club proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres in the United States.


Jan. 2 Edition: “Some of Our Favorites of 2011 Special: Part 2”


 01_”Nova,” by VNV Nation from the album Automatic

02_”You’ll Never Understand (harder),” by Mesh from a download

03_”Treasure Hunt,” by Autodafeh from the album Act Of Faith

04_”Disco Bay,” by Channel East from the album Window To Earth

05_”She Says It Feels Good,” by Accessory from the album Underbeat

06_”Hand Of God,” by Distorted Memory from the album Swallowing

The Sun

07_”Solo Maquina (Antihuman remix)” by Amduscia from the compilation

Awake The Machines 7

08_”M.D.K.,” by God Module from the album Seance

09_”Into The Realm,” by THYX from the single Into The Realm

10_”Can You Stop Me?,” by Marsheaux from the compilation Awake

The Machines 7

11_”Frieheit,” by Pakt from the single Frieheit

12_”Kranke Puppen,” by Vault 113 from the album Leichenfeier

13_”Mädchenliebe (Hydrocyanic remix),” by De_Tot_Cor from


14_”Bite Me!,” by Hocico from the single Bite Me!

15_”M0wr F0cking C0wbell,” by Uberbyte from the album NFY