Communion After Dark - October 21, 2013 Edition: "Refuse to drink this!"

This week Communion After Dark spins new music from VNV Nation, Solitary Experiments, State of the Union and more.

Model: Lilith Vampiriozah

Model: Lilith Vampiriozah


BAND...SONG....NAME OF RELEASE....RELEASE TYPE (album, single, etc.)… Label

DJ NAME: Paradise

01. Accessory - Squeeze My Heart – Resurrection on Out of Line

02. VNV Nation - Off Screen – Transnational on Anachrome Sounds

03. Solitary Experiments - Now or Never – Phenomena on Out of Line

04. Torul - Mad World (Rob Dust Mix) - The Fall ep on Infacted Recordings

05. Covenant - For Our Time - Leaving Babylon on Metropolis

DJ NAME: Griffin

06. Terminal State -  Andromeda - Illegal Space Activity on Electro Aggression Records

07. Ohm - Car Crash – Ohm on Art Of Fact Records

08. Cryo - The Portal - In Your Eyes EP on Progress Productions

09. Massiv In Mensch - Transformation IV (Feat. @vx and Mind.In.A.Box) - 

Hands On Massiv Vol.III on Advoxya Records

10. Vault 113 - Human Predator -  Cold Fusion on Future Fame 


11. Seelennacht - Gone with the Rain - Gone with the Rain EP on Future Fame

12. Endanger - Die Show Muss Weitergehen (TSP remix) - Larger than Life on Infacted

13. She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama - Berlidi Gece on Fabrika records

14. State of the Union - Dancing in the Dark - My Time Away on Infacted

LAST SONG 15. [Active] Media Disease - Lost - Organic on Interplay records (20