Communion After Dark - May 9, 2011 Edition: Kinetik special

Kinetik Special: Communion After Dark spins music from God Module, Die Krupps, Covenant, Solitary Experiments and More!

Every Monday the music podcast Communion After Dark showcases the best in alternative electronic -- EBM, dark electro, synth pop, goth, power noise.

DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle) and DJ Maus offer the show as a companion to The Castle's weekly gothic dance nights in Ybor City (Tampa, FL). Running continuously since 1997, the club proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres in the United States.

May 9 Edition: (Kinetik Festival special; with special guest DJ
01_”Rituals,” by God Module from the EP Rituals
02_”Trigger (Edge Of Dawn mix),” by Bruderschaft from the compilation
Kinetik Festival, Volume Four
03_”The Chameleon Man” by Die Krupps from the album Als Warren
Wir Fur Immer
04_”Robots,” by Funker Vogt from the album Blutzoll
05_”A Sign Of Things To Come,” by iVardensphere from the album
06_”Redefi ned,” by Mind.In.A.Box from the album Crossroads
07_”When The Rats Desert The Sinking Ship,” by Painbastard from
the album No Need To Worry
08_”Predator (Cease And Destry mix),” by Front Line Assembly
from the album Re-Wind
09_”Destruktor,” by Phosgore from the album Domination
10_”Lightbringer (JM remix),” by Covenant from the single Lightbringer
11_”Alive,” by Assemblage 23 from the album Compass
12_”Dead And Gone,” by Solitary Experiments from the album In
The Eye Of The Beholder
13_”C.O.A.,” by Agonoize from the album Sieben
14_”Epicentre,” by VNV Nation from the album Future Perfect
15_”In Country (Cancon Version),” by FGFC820 from the compilation
Kinetik Festival, Volume Four
16_”Bio-Vital,” by Decoded Feedback from the album Bio-Vital
17_”Hate Me (Leaether Strip remix),” by Suicide Commando from
the album Implements From Hell