Erotic Elk CD release party and giveaway! Tune in on March 30th!

Tune in to Communion After Dark on March 30th for our Erotic Elk new album special. We will be featuring the new album III and have a CD giveaway. Each CAD DJ will feature a song from the album in their set.

”Everything on this cd is superb, and tracks range from divine to inspired. Erotic Elk may be a bandname you laugh at, but this is goosebump raising work.” Brutal Resonance 8.5/10

”A really good effort by the lads and they have shown multitude of potential.” Side-Line 9/10

This was some of the reviews we got for our last album ”Solitary”. It has now been three years since the release of that album. Maybe that´s the reason we called the album ”III” or the fact that it is our third album.

About the album. The album contains 14 tracks including a cover of Chris Isaaks classic song ”Wicked Game”. During the time of recording we´ve invested in a lot of gear, and the studio is packed with analog gear and we think that have fattened the sound since the last album. The process was speeded up during the fall and we took a weekend in a house in the south of Sweden to record vocals and ”socialize” with the songs. The final mixes were handed over to genius Claus Larsen of Leætherstrip at the end of February to do the mastering.

Who are we? Erotic Elk was formed in 2009 by childhood friends Fredrik, Tomas and P-O. Tomas and Fredrik has made music together since the mid 80´s in different unreleased bands. The first album ”Design with cicuitry” was released in 2010 on Major Records and only one year later ”Solitary” was released.

Release dates: The album will be released through BANDCAMP on following dates: CD in limited edition of 200 copies March 27th 2015 Download April 3rd 2015 The album will also be available on Spotify and iTunes from April 10th.