Official CAD Drinking Game Rules.... for now... until we change them

On our March 24th show DJ Paradise announced some new drinking game rules so you can drink along with us. Participate in our shot of the week, and listen carefully and you should be pretty toasty in no time.

**CAD Drinking Game rules **

1. Take a shot when we do and you hear the 'Now drink yer drink sample' After the first DJ set

2. Anytime DJ (Mark) Paradise says 'Ass' 

3. Anytime DJ (Sherri) Maus complains or yells at the boys

4. Anytime DJ (Bryant) Griffin mispronounces a word. (In English or German)

5. Anytime 'Mark Roberts' is mentioned. (Mark Roberts is our #1 fan. We pick on him a lot)





Have fun! Don't over do it and don't blame us for what happens!