Communion After Dark - September 15, 2014 Edition: 'Turn My Ass on!'

Communion After Dark spins new music from Pride and Fall, Haujobb, iVardensphere and more. Plus, DJ Gold beams in!

Every Monday the music podcast Communion After Dark showcases the best in alternative electronic -- EBM, dark electro, synth pop, goth, power noise.

DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle) and DJ Maus offer the show as a companion to The Castle's weekly gothic dance nights in Ybor City (Tampa, FL). Running continuously since 1997, the club proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres in the United States.

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Model:  Hethe Riot   Photo: Dark Art Designs

Model: Hethe Riot

Photo: Dark Art Designs

CAD PLAYLIST: 15 Sept. 14

 BAND...SONG....NAME OF RELEASE....RELEASE TYPE (album, single, etc.)


DJ NAME: Griffin

01. Encono - Adios, Puta! (feat. Freaky Mind) - Existential Embryos’ Playground - Insane Records

02. Blitzmaschine - So viel mehr - Turbine - Danse Macabre Records

03. Haujobb - We Must Wait (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer) - We Must Wait, EP - Basic Unit Productions

04. Electro Spectre - Superstar - Bullets & Desert Blooms - Nordic Records

05. Iris - Cries Of Insanity - Seabound & Iris, Radiant Turbulence, EP - Dependent



06.  Slashgore - You are rotting from the Inside - Possession

07. Voicecoil - Clear - Two years and going strong comp - Juggernaut Music Group

08. Pride and Fall - Turn the Lights On (Ginger Snap5) - Turn the Lights on EP - Dependent

09. And One - Zwei Tote - Magnet Premium Box Set - DMS

10. Totten Mechanismus - Ghost Girl -Ab Initio - Gravitator 



11. Ivardensphere - Sutekh (club mix) - unreleased

12. Die Braut - Paracitic perpetual (Noisuf-x vs x-fusion remix) - Paracitic Perpetual ep

13. Mordacious - Dirty Slut - Reinfected ep

14. Tomas Tulpe - Hausverbot im spait - wie wars mit senf



DJ NAME: Paradise

15. Seabound / Iris - Science (re recorded from 1996 demo) - Radiant Turbulence -Dependent

16. Model Kaos - In The Deep – Phoenix - Danse Macabre

17. Machinista – Heroes - Xenoglossy - Juggernaut Music

18. Heimataerde – Kaltwaerts – Kaltwaerts - Out of Line


LAST SONG 19. Mono Inc - Get some sleep (2007) - The Clock Ticks On - No Cut