Communion After Dark - DJ Top 10's for 2013

We did it - another year under our belts. Here are the Top 10 picks from the CAD DJ's. 


DJ Mark Paradise


10. Zynic-Blindsided

09. Blume- Autumn Ruins

08. Project Pitchfork-Black

07. Die Krupps-Machinists of Joy

06. Blutengel-Monument

05. Mesh-Automation Baby

04. Accessory-Resurrection

03. Mono Inc-Nimmermehr

02. Solitary Experiments-Phenomena

01. Hurts-Exile


DJ Maus (No particular order)


Terrolokaust – Spit the Poison out

Chainreactor – The silence and the noise

Blutengel – Monument

Cygnosic – Fire and Forget

Kant Kino – Father worked in Industry

Solar Fake – Reasons to Kill

Front Line Assembly - Echogenetic

Die Krupps – The Machinists of Joy

Diorama – Even the Devil Doesn’t Care

Psy’Aviah – Future Past


DJ Bryant Griffin


Accessory -– Resurrection

Solitary Experiments -– Phenomena

Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic

Distorted Memory -- The Eternal Return

THYX -- Below the City

Cygnosic -- Fire and Forget

Die Krupps –- The Machinists of Joy

Marsheaux –- Inhale

Covenant –- Leaving Babylon

Mr.Kitty –- Life