Communion After Dark - July 2, 2018 Edition

This week Communion After Dark spins new music from Front Line Assembly, Aiboforcen, DV8R, The New Division,  DK-Zero, I Think I Broke Something and more. 

Spotlighting the latest and best in alternative-electronic music, Communion After Dark is hosted weekly by DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle),  DJ Maus (Simply Synthpop/STRANGELOVE) and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). They present the show as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa, Fla. (Ybor City).

  Running continuously with weekly nights since 1997, the club ( proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres -- EBM, synth pop, dark electro, industrial, gothic / goth, power noise -- in the United States.

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Model: Kato Punk (throwback pic!) from DK-Zero

Model: Kato Punk (throwback pic!) from DK-Zero

CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): July 2, 2018 Edition

DJ NAME: Paradise
1. Andre B. feat. Keth - Remember (Mabose ext. remix) - Remember Single - Self Released
2. Aiboforcen - Guilty Eyes (feat. Damsius, Mondtraume) - Sense and Nonsense - Alfa Matrix
3. Blue Images - Don’t Forget Me (Reagan Jones of Iris) - Her Light - Scanner
4. Blume - Nightmare - Ashes - WTII
5. DV8R - Static - Zero Hour - Infacting Recordings
6. The New Division - Signs - Fader - Division87 Records

Shot of the week - Klondike - Jägermeister, Irish Creme
7. N3VOA - For the Fallen - Heart of Stone - Laebel
8. Adacta - Cu Come - Enter the MadHouse - KL-Dark Records
9. The Heresy Gene - Purgatory - Le Luz Del Padre - Self Released
10. Klack - Time - Electronic Saviors Vol. 5 - Distortion/Metropolis
11. Front Line Assembly - Heatmap - Warmech - Arttofact Records

Communion After Dark

12. DK-Zero - Won’t Get Out - From Nothing
13. Himmelgrund - Cycle of Time - Cyclic Motions - Bequem Digital
14. Into the Pale Abyss - Haunted - Cybergenesis - Jet Set Trash Records
15. I Think I Broke Something - Special - Add Spikes on Top - Jet Set Trash Records

Communion After Dark

Last song 16. 00tz 00tz - To Your Grave - Obscura