Communion After Dark - October 29, 2018 Edition: Halloween Special!

This week Communion After Dark spins Halloween music from Strvngers, God Module, Alien Vampires, Moris Blak, Electro Fear, Birthday Massacre and more!

Spotlighting the latest and best in alternative-electronic music, Communion After Dark is hosted weekly by DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle),  DJ Maus (Simply Synthpop/STRANGELOVE) and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). They present the show as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa, Fla. (Ybor City).

  Running continuously with weekly nights since 1997, the club ( proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres -- EBM, synth pop, dark electro, industrial, gothic / goth, power noise -- in the United States.

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Model: Jazz Marie-Antoinette | IG: porcelainlolita

Model: Jazz Marie-Antoinette | IG: porcelainlolita

CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): Oct 29, 2018 Edition

Shot: Hellraiser - Black Sambuca, Strawberry Liquer, Melon Liquer


1. John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme - Halloween 2018 - Sacred Bones

2. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain for Satan - Cuz It’s Hot EP - Wax Trax Records

3. Strvngers - Cry Little Sister - Exhumed Vol II - Negative Gain Productions

4. Book of Love - Witchcraft - Lullaby - Sire

5. God Module - A Good Night to Die - False Face - Metropolis Records

6. Ave Satani - The Omen Soundtrack - Varese Sarabande

Shot 2: Freddy Krueger - White Sambuca, Vodka, Jagermeister


7. MORIS BLAK - It Follows - Femmes De L’Obscurite

8. Totten Mechanismus - Ghost Girl - Ab Initio - Gravitator Records

9. Birthday Massacre - Hex- Under Your Spell - Metropolis

10. Faith and the Muse - When We Go Dark - Ankoku Butoh - The Mercyground

11. Alien Vampires - Ready to Die (Synapsyche mix) - Fuck the Revolution Bring on the Apocalypse - Alfa Matrix

12. Drab Majesty - Cold Souls - The Demonstration - Dais Records

Shot 3: Alien Secretion - 1/4 Malibu Rum, 1/4 Midori, 1/4 Pineapple Juice, 1/4 Vodka

DJ NAME:Paradise

13. Gabbling Ghouls - Bats in the Walls - A Gothlings Gathering of Gabbling Ghouls - Self Released

14. Electro Fear - House on Haunted Hill (Cold Therapy remix) - Darkest Halloween Comp II - DarkTunes Music Group

15. Genius of Nefarious - What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism (collaboration with Viscera Drip) - Animal Sanctuary - DSBP

16. Ghosts in the Graveyard - Thirteen Ways to Die (Roadkill all over Texas by Pill Brigade) - The Last Halloween Remix Album - Self Released

17. Splatter Squall - Suspiria - Suspiria Khazad-Dum

Shot 4: After Dark shot - Kahlua, Bailey’s, Liquer 43

18. Golden Boy feat. Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Glove Tension Club remix) - Rippin Kittin single - Kontor New Media remix