Communion After Dark - Dec 26, 2011 Edition: 'Faves of 2011'


This week Communion After Dark spins favorites from 2011 including music from Komor Kommando, VNV Nation, Chainreactor, Solar Fake and more.

Every Monday the music podcast Communion After Dark showcases the best in alternative electronic -- EBM, dark electro, synth pop, goth, power noise.

DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle) and DJ Maus offer the show as a companion to The Castle's weekly gothic dance nights in Ybor City (Tampa, FL). Running continuously since 1997, the club proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres in the United States.

Dec. 26 Edition: “Some of Our Favorites of 2011 Special: Part 1”


01_”Ruins,” by Angels And Agony from the compilation Awake The

Machines 7

02_”Elusive (Ful Length Version),” by Tenek from the EP EP2

03_”My Personal Kryptonite (Mesh remix),” by Zynic from the EP

My Personal Kryptonite

04_”Rhythm Machine,” by Komor Kommando from the album Oil,

Steel And Rhythm

05_”A Sign Of Things To Come,” by iVardensphere from the album


06_”Angelik,” by Ad Inferna from the album There Is No Cure

07_”Do You Feel The Same” by Necro Facility from the album


08_”Moscow Paris,” by Felix Marc from the album Parallel Worlds

09_”Resolution,” by VNV Nation from the album Automatic

10_”Pressure And Pain,” by Chainreactor from the album Insomniac

11_”The Beauty And The Grace,” by Covenant from the album Modern


12_”Ghosts Of Utopia,” by IAMX from the album Volatile Times

13_”More Than This,” by Solar Fake from the album Frontiers

14_”Grey The Blue,” by Diary Of Dreams from the album Ego X

15_”Mera Noire,” by Blutengel from the album Tranenherz