Communion After Dark - September 4, 2017 Edition

This week Communion After Dark -- featuring the latest and best in alternative-electronic music -- spins music from KMFDM, Shiv-R, Lay Your Ghost, The Cruxshadows and more.

Spotlighting the latest and best in alternative-electronic music, Communion After Dark is hosted weekly by DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin (of the band Ien Oblique), DJ Maus (Simply Synthpop) and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). They present the show as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa, Fla. (Ybor City).

  Running continuously with weekly nights since 1997, the club ( proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres -- EBM, synth pop, dark electro, industrial, gothic / goth, power noise -- in the United States.

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Model: Lynette Drachenblut

Model: Lynette Drachenblut

CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): Sep. 4 2017

01. OMD - Punishment of Luxury - Punishment of Luxury - 100 Percent Records
02. The Cruxshadows - Infinity (You Don't See Me) - Astromythology - Timezone Records
03. KMFDM - Murder My Heart - Hell Yeah - Metropolis
04. Gary Numan - It All Began With You - Savage - BMG
05. Purwein and Kowa - Alte Hits - Zwei - SPV
Tasty Orgasm - Irish Creme and Peppermint Schnapps

06. William Control - Scars - Revelations - The Red EP - Control Records
07. Shiv-R - Cheshire Grin (Club mix) - Cheshire Grin Single - Darktunes Music Group/Blind Mice Productions
08. Adoration Destroyed - Fingerbleed - Ritual Deconstruction - Cleopatra Records
09. The Frixion - From Dusk Til Dawn (Benjamin’s Plague remix) - The Frixion - The Frixion Records
10. Funker Vogt - Fuer Immer - Code of Conduct - Repo Records

DJ NAME: Paradise
11. Dave Inox - Misconceptual (feat. HIV+) Dangerous Signal/Misconceptual EP - Unknown Pleasure records
12. Kill Minus Nine - Insurrection [:SITD:] mix - Sig Kill - Self Released
13. Auger - My Guardian - The Awakening - Rebco
14. Lay Your Ghost - Wounds - Ritual EP - Control Records

LAST SONG 15. Astari Nite - The Witching Hour - Dreams of Majesty EP - Cleopatra