Communion After Dark - May 21, 2018 Edition

This week Communion After Dark spins new music from 2nd Face, Extize, DK-Zero, Unitary, Dark Insights, Suicide Commando, Panic Priest and more. Jeff Black fills in for DJ Gold!

Spotlighting the latest and best in alternative-electronic music, Communion After Dark is hosted weekly by DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle),  DJ Maus (Simply Synthpop/STRANGELOVE) and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). They present the show as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa, Fla. (Ybor City).

  Running continuously with weekly nights since 1997, the club ( proudly stands as the premier place spinning these genres -- EBM, synth pop, dark electro, industrial, gothic / goth, power noise -- in the United States.

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Model: Kato of DKZero

Model: Kato of DKZero

CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): May 21, 2018
DJ NAME: Paradise

1. 2nd Face - Nihilum (Essential) - Nihilum EP - Dependent Records
2. Blume - Fade Away - Ashes - WTII
3. Blue Images - False Illusion feat. Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps - Her Light - Scanner
4. Extize - Assimilate feat. Shiv-R - Assimilate single - DarkTunes Music Group
5. Unitary - In the Age to Come feat. Reagan Jones (Spektralized remix) - WOKE EP  - Self Released
6. Unity One - Today - Awakening - SkyQode records

Shot of the Week - Dr. J - Jagermeister and Vanilla Schnapps

DJ NAME: Black

7. Pleasure Time - I Will Not Repeat - The Year About Us - ScentAir Records
8. Dark Insights - Desire - DNA - Bandcamp
9. Fractal Age - Not Yet - Fractal Age EP - Bandcamp
10. Xparadox - Hero - Counting Farewells - Bandcamp
11. Uncreated - You Know Nothing - Swedish Electro Vol. 5/You Know Nothing single - Swedish Electro

DJ NAME: Maus 

12. Suicide Commando - Death Lies Waiting (Binary Park remix) - Death Will Find You - Out of Line Records
13. DK-Zero - I Feel - I Feel single (also on the Album From Nothing which will be available at June 1st)
14. Panic Priest - Death Seasons - Panic Priest - Negative Gain Productions/Bandcamp
15. Silent Em - Prey - Foreign States  - Detroit Records

16. Ashbury Heights - Night Creature - Take Care Paramour - Out of Line Records