Communion After Dark Top 10 albums of 2017!

It was a long and crazy year for music in 2017 and the Communion After Dark team narrowed it down to their Top 10 albums each! Check it out, and also fish through our DJ Picks of the month!

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Having difficultly locating where to buy this music? Since most stores in the U.S. don’t stock music from the genres we play it can be a real pain, but you can go our route: mail order. We use the online store Isolation Tank. Many labels, such as Metropolis Records, also offer CDs, and most artists have posted their libraries on their own sites, such as Bandcamp, or at the major digital outlets, such as iTunes, Amazon, etc

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Maus Top 10 albums

10. X-Marks the Pedwalk - Secrets 

9. The Psychic Force - Welcome to ScarCity

8. William Control - Revelations

7. - Broken Legacies

6. Mono Inc. - Together till the End

5. Drab Majesty - The Demonstration

4. Diary of Dreams - Hell in Eden

3. The Anix - Ephemeral

2. Funker Vogt - Code of Conduct

1. Zynic - Neon Oblivion

Honorable mentions - Mr.Kitty - A.I., C-Lekktor - Outta my Way, Grendel - Age of the disposable body



Paradise Top 10 Albums

10. Das Moon - Dead - Requiem Records

9. Massive Ego - Beautiful Suicide - Out of Line

8. Faderhead - Night Physics - Not a Robot Records

7. X Marks The Pedwalk - Secrets - Meshwork

6. T.O.Y. - Pain is Love  -Nordhausen Records

5. Funker Vogt - Code of Conduct - Repo Records

4. Diary of Dreams - Hell In Eden - Accession Records

3. Gary Numan - Savage (Songs from a Broken World)

2. Zynic - Neon Oblivion - Zedsdead Records

1. The Anix - Ephemeral - Cleopatra



Gold Top 10 Albums

T.O.Y. - Pain is Love

Gene Loves Jezebel - Dance Underwater 

Gary Numan - Savage

Namnambulu - Borders

Felix Marc - Alternative Facts

Coldkill - Distance By Design

iVardensphere - Hesitation

Eisfabrik - Null Kelvin

Massive Ego - Beautiful Suicide 

OMD - Punishment of Luxury