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Official CAD Drinking Game Rules.... for now... until we change them

On our March 24th show DJ Paradise announced some new drinking game rules so you can drink along with us. Participate in our shot of the week, and listen carefully and you should be pretty toasty in no time.

**CAD Drinking Game rules **

1. Take a shot when we do and you hear the 'Now drink yer drink sample' After the first DJ set

2. Anytime DJ (Mark) Paradise says 'Ass' 

3. Anytime DJ (Sherri) Maus complains or yells at the boys

4. Anytime DJ (Bryant) Griffin mispronounces a word. (In English or German)

5. Anytime 'Mark Roberts' is mentioned. (Mark Roberts is our #1 fan. We pick on him a lot)





Have fun! Don't over do it and don't blame us for what happens!

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Communion After Dark celebrates 6 years!

It's been a long hard road, but Communion After Dark is celebrating it's 6 year anniversary! Celebrate with us by checking out the Anniversary show: We mix our sets up this week, with each DJ spinning one song and passing off to the next throughout the show while doing multiple shots. Who will go for the vomit bag first?

Listen to the Anniversary show here: https://communionafterdark.squarespace.com/listennow/6thanniversary

See pics from the show here: https://communionafterdark.squarespace.com/cadphotos/2013/8/15/photos

Join us on Facebook, we have almost 4000 Likes: https://www.facebook.com/CommunionAfterDark

Check us out on You Tube, where this week's show reached over 1500 views in 1 week!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms5q18FDJgw&feature=gp-n-y

Faderhead releases a new video for 'Stand Up'

Faderhead Releases a Video for the Song Stand Up


Faderhead has just released a video for the first single off his new album "Atoms & Emptiness" called Stand Up. http://youtu.be/tx4EbcluDvU 

Only 11 months after the successful "FH4"-album, Faderhead is back once again to release his new CD "Atoms & Emptiness". This new record chronicles a period of time in the private life of the German producer where almost everything went wrong - which apparently provided endless inspiration and intensified the songwriting process. Musically, "Atoms & Emptiness" must definitely be considered the darkest and most melancholic Faderhead record. Although the typical Faderhead trademark mix of club electro, popsongs and ballads defines this album, you'll be hard-pressed to find fun-tracks like "Dancers" or "Coke For My Ass" this time around. On "Atoms & Emptiness" Faderhead impressively shows how a mixture of EBM, Industrial, Elektro and Synthpop needs to sound in the year 2014 and once again leaves the competition in the dust, wondering how he did it again!? Clubtracks like "Stand Up", "When The Freaks Come Out" or "You Can't Resist" are fluently mixed with Future Pop songs like "Someone Else's Dream" and "Every Hour Kills" (written in cooperation with Daniel Myer of Haujobb) as well as cinematic sounding Ballads like the title track "Atoms & Emptiness". Writing about music is like discussions on the internet: completely useless - so check out "Atoms & Emptiness"! You won't find better or more diverse Electro in 2014 anywhere.

Atoms & Emptiness will be released worldwide February 7th.

DJ Maus spinning in Ft. Myers Jan 21, 2014


DJ Maus will be spinning at this event in Ft. Myers, FL next Tuesday with DJ Lady Anime from South Florida. If any of our listeners are in the area (Sarasota, Ft Myers, Naples) - Come take a visit, this is going to be awesome!!

DJ Picks - Top 10 of 2013

We did it - another year under our belts. Here are the Top 10 picks from the CAD DJ's. 


DJ Mark Paradise


10. Zynic-Blindsided

09. Blume- Autumn Ruins

08. Project Pitchfork-Black

07. Die Krupps-Machinists of Joy

06. Blutengel-Monument

05. Mesh-Automation Baby

04. Accessory-Resurrection

03. Mono Inc-Nimmermehr

02. Solitary Experiments-Phenomena

01. Hurts-Exile


DJ Maus (No particular order)


Terrolokaust – Spit the Poison out

Chainreactor – The silence and the noise

Blutengel – Monument

Cygnosic – Fire and Forget

Kant Kino – Father worked in Industry

Solar Fake – Reasons to Kill

Front Line Assembly - Echogenetic

Die Krupps – The Machinists of Joy

Diorama – Even the Devil Doesn’t Care

Psy’Aviah – Future Past


DJ Bryant Griffin


Accessory -– Resurrection

Solitary Experiments -– Phenomena

Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic

Distorted Memory -- The Eternal Return

THYX -- Below the City

Cygnosic -- Fire and Forget

Die Krupps –- The Machinists of Joy

Marsheaux –- Inhale

Covenant –- Leaving Babylon

Mr.Kitty –- Life