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The Castle 

The Castle opened in 1992 as a small saloon with a determined goal: create a great place that all of our friends would like to visit.

Adding in the idea of strong drinks, from a diverse selection of single malt scotches, small batch bourbon, aged tequila and a eclectic mix of beers from around the world didn’t hurt either. A killer jukebox supplied the music for a few years, before Dj’s were added to spice up the varied genre’s that the Castle royalty required.

Since then, there has been many changes but the goals are still the same.

For over 18 years Tom had DJ’ed on Fridays and Saturdays at The Castle. A true pioneer of the Dark Electronic movement in the United States, Tom’s run at The Castle is one of the longest-standing gigs held by any single DJ in the American scene. He is always pushing the envelope to make the Tampa scene evolve by introducing listeners to new music and booking local shows.

The Castle - Ybor City, Florida

The Castle - Ybor City, Florida

Spinning the latest and best Industrial, Elektro, Futurepop, Powernoise, Synthpop, EBM and Gothic dance music that ranges across the scene. This dark alternative night brings out a nice mix of tourists and the regulars, and is the premiere night to hear these styles of music in the United States.

Show off unique looks of Cyber, Glam, Gothic, Lolita, Military, Vampire, Fetish, Steampunk and victorian styles that can only be seen here.

Come to see a variety of personalities, celebrities, fetishists, performers and dancer, or show us your own style.

Visual performers every house and special guest DJs on selected nights. Look for monthly themed special events.


Listen to Communion After Dark on WFKU!

WFKU is a worldwide dark internet radio station. We pride ourselves on uniting the dark music scene with class, passion, and dedication. Not only do we serve those who follow the goth scene, but we also take pride in the fact that we deliver great music to anyone with a little internal rhythm of the darkest kind of nature. Graveyard lovers, straight up business-people, and anyone with a taste for the Macabre is welcome.

Tune in for live radio shows from WFKU Studios such as Firewalk With me, Tactical Beats, Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Ritual Noise and Origins.

Communion After Dark every Monday at 9:00 pm, Pod of the Dead Sundays at 6:00 PM, and Elevations with Liam Shechter

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"Red Mercury is a bunch of people who decided to create an solution to boredom...
At first only to be able to listen to good music at work. We mainly play Synth, Synth-Pop, EBM, Industrial and so on and on......
(some times other random stuff)

After more then 11yers on-line RM has developed in to some what of an never ending Project thing"

Communion After Dark airs on Red Mercury Mondays at 4:30pm and Fridays at 5:30pm (This is probably Sweden time!)

 Red Mercury Radio

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Listen to Communion After Dark on Love Leeds Radio!

Love Leeds Radio aims to support the local music scene but also to offer a variety of different and entertaining shows. Current podcasts broadcasting from Love Leeds Radio are (Best of British, Dark Compass, London Indie Underground, Rebel Songs).

Check out Communion After Dark on Love Leeds Radio on Saturdays!

Love Leeds Radio UK


Ravens and Rockers

Ravens and Rockers offers a wide variety of Gothic, Cyber, Metal, Punk, Vampire, Industrial, Rockabilly, Hardcore, Steampunk, Fetish, Pin Up, and Rocker styles from such brands as Lip Service, Hell Bunny / Spin Dr, Tripp NYC, Demonia, Shrine, and more! We also specialize in high-quality used alternative fashions for amazing prices, eccentric vintage clothing and goodies, PLUS unique items crafted by the best of the local artisans!